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About Us

Growcent engage, empower and connect Institutional Investors with the best Managers in the industry.

In private equity and large fund management space institutional investors need a streamlined, transparent, trusted, and reliable solution for better investment decision making.

We understand the complexities and problems faced by institutional investors and hence we provide a platform for institutional investors to reach out high performing Asset managers or Investment managers or advisors. 

This helps institutional investors to find the right asset manager to manage and grow their assets. Our analytics and past performance of asset managers help to select high performing asset manager.

Growcent About Us

Problems Faced


  • Finding Right fund managers: Finding experienced and high-performing Asset Manager and Investment Manager is a time-consuming process.
  • Information about Past Investments: Difficulties in finding information regarding Investment Managers past investment details.
  • High Risk of Losing Capital: Institutional Investors hold a large amount of funds which involves a high risk of losing capital.
  • Expertise in Strategies designing: Efficient asset allocation and investment strategies require expert advice to meet their requirement.

How Growcent Works?

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Our Philosophy 

We understand the complexities of managing funds hence we provide cutting-edge technology that help our clients to make decisions. We offers the most complete solution for institutional investors to create and manage their portfolios.

Our Focus

Our focus is on safeguarding our client’s assets by evaluating potential investment risks as much as investment returns. We focus on valuation and long-term risk analysis through fundamental research across all asset classes.


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We help institutional investors by connecting with the right investment manager.